Rosanna paints in her studio in Frankfurt, Germany. Rosanna’s artistic practice is a response to her internal restlessness and is strongly influenced by gardens and our relationships with them. Her work studies how humans, in awe of the natural world, attempt to capture it.

Rosanna holds a M.Sc. in Chemistry as well as further business education. Her worldwide travels inspire her art. Rosanna has learnt from renowned local artists developing her skills and style before committing fully to her art practice in 2019.

Art work

Gardens are my main inspiration. I grew up in England surrounded by gardens and I enjoy thinking about the relationships we have with them. Botanical gardens especially fascinate me. To me they are an attempt to capture a far-away natural wonder and in my work I also attempt to capture this natural beauty. Childhood memories play an important role as well. My artistic practice is strongly influenced by an awe for nature and how we can capture it. Both stem from a childhood surrounded by gardens, my many travels and the wanderlust that plagues me.

Most available works are on https://www.saatchiart.com/rosannaburford for purchase. Alternatively contact me via info@rosannaburford.com. Don’t be shy!

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I paint using only highest-quality materials. My work is on canvas, wooden panel, or acid-free, age-resistant paper. I use acrylic paints from brands Golden, Winsor and Schmincke as well as oil paints by Schmincke and oil pastels by Jaxon. All paintings are varnished (satin) to protect the paint for generations to come.

All paintings are shipped flat, lovingly wrapped in film, bubble wrap and kraft paper, then shipped in a thick package. You will receive a confirmation email after purchase and again when I ship your order. The order invoice and a handwritten note is included in the package.

Shipping costs and duration vary depending on the piece and destination country. I always include insurance and tracking. Contact me for an estimation.

I can have your piece professionally framed for you. I will invest significant time and effort in getting the right frame for your piece, taking your home into account.

If your chosen piece is on paper, I recommend framing behind glass. Canvas pieces, however, can be hung without a frame for a more casual look.

I have three of Rosanna's paintings in my Parisian apartment. Visitors always admire the art!
I love the way Rosanna paints! The details and the colors she uses are so special!
When I saw my chosen paintings in person I was amazed. They are the focus point in my kitchen!